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Our epoxy flooring & concrete coating contractor serves Raleigh-Durham, NC and surrounding areas

We use commercial-grade products on every job ensuring you a beautiful floor for the years to come.
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What sets epoxy apart from other flooring materials?

When it comes to flooring, you don't have to sacrifice durability for style or vice versa. You can choose commercial epoxy flooring or residential epoxy flooring & floor coatings to get the best of both worlds. Precision Floor Coatings, LLC is a local epoxy flooring & floor coating contractor you can rely on in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.

We offer several additional services, including polyurea floor coating and concrete staining. Call 919-410-8283 now for a free estimate on a project like concrete staining or epoxy coating. You can also email us by visiting the Contact Us page and using the form.
Whether its use is residential or commercial, epoxy flooring can provide unique benefits. Our epoxy flooring:

  • Isn't porous. That means it doesn't soak up stains, even when it's installed on an auto shop floor. You can wipe oil and other spills away easily.
  • Strengthens concrete. That means the concrete you can't see under epoxy isn't developing cracks or pits. You can expect it to stay in great condition.
  • Resists UV damage. That means epoxy can stand up to bright sunlight outdoors. You can be confident that our epoxy won't turn yellow.

Ready to add durable, concrete-protecting epoxy to your property? Contact our epoxy flooring contractor today.


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We install epoxy flooring in Wake, Johnston, Orange and Durham counties